The leading online dating app for couples and singles looking to connect with like-minded people with similar desires
3Fun was founded in 2015 by software engineer, Max Ma, who wanted to create a space for couples and singles to explore any type of relationship desire, free from the judgement and often negative reactions of traditionally single-only dating apps.
By promoting safe and ethical relationship exploration, 3Fun’s inclusive app allows users to freely enter into open, polyamorous, or swinging relationships. With over 10 million downloads and 2.5 million verified active users worldwide, 3Fun is one of the safest non-monogamous apps on the market.
10 million downloads
2.5 million active members
800,000 messages sent out each day
2 million connections each month
Our Mission
We are on a mission to redefine relationship norms by fostering an inclusive community of like-minded people seeking open relationships.
The safety of our users is our top concern. Our experts are constantly updating our server and security features and all user information is encrypted and securely stored to ensure your privacy.
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Address 306 Victoria House, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
EU representative Alexander Viedge
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